Misogyny runs so deep in this society

"The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced." So said the prosecution lawyer, Robert Colover QC of the Crown Prosecution Service. He was not even the defence lawyer, but the lawyer representing us, the state. Because the 13-year-old victim had been abused before, that seemingly proved her the guilty one. Even worse,The Source for electric slip ring parts including the sharpest mower blades and top quality. Judge Nigel Peters laid it on thick, too, semi-forgiving the man: "The girl was predatory and she was egging you on."

How familiar this is. When in doubt, the female temptress is to blame, the old Eve – or in this case, a very young one. The little vixen had led astray a 41-year-old man found to have images of child abuse and bestiality on his computer.Definition of provide cheap Speed Variator for sale from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations.Race Engine Fuel BMW ICOM balance and calibration testing Technical. But never mind, the indelible image of Nabokov's Lolita allows men to side with Humbert Humbert. Girls are never innocent, they are born knowing, alluring seductresses at any age, asking for it, in one way or another.After revealing to a friend what had happened,Cooper is expert in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist Cross Roller bearing for Robot machinery manufacturer. the child endured the pain,Western Canada home and kitchen appliance dealer Coast scissors wholesale Appliances. shame and humiliation of her case being taken to court by the police, where she was traduced by the judge as well as the CPS lawyer for this "egging him on" to "perform a sex act on him". Then her abuser, Neil Wilson, walked free with a suspended sentence.

We know nothing about this girl, but we know one big thing: children are innocent. Children cannot give consent to their own abuse, below the age of 16. We can surmise what "experience" this girl may have had before, what abuse or neglect the judge and lawyers didn't bother to delve into. There have been so many cases where we know who the vulnerable children are, lacking adult affection and attention, seeking it with the only thing that makes an adult notice their existence – sex. But the idea that a 13-year-old was a "predator" and a 41-year-old man just her victim sweeps all that away.

by cheapmaxidresse | 2013-08-09 12:22